Panel Discussion Sessions

Submission for Panel Discussion Sessions Closed

A limited number of sessions will be available as Panel Discussions. These will have a 1-hour duration and aim to bring together experts on a topic, which they will discuss in a panel during the session and will have a longer and more interactive discussion with the audience.

Please note that panel discussions should not include presentations by all panelists, in this sense they are different from symposia and oral sessions, but some general slides to encourage discussion are welcome. 

Panel discussion sessions should include one chair/moderator and up to five discussants.


The Panel Discussion Submission Deadline is
April 26, 2021, Monday by 23:59 EDT (US Eastern Day Time / GMT-4)
Please make sure to check your time difference to determine the submission deadline according to your local time.


If you are interested in submitting a proposal for a Panel Discussion Session, please use ISEE 2021 Panel Discussion Submission Form


Thank you for submitting your work for consideration. Please contact us directly at, should you have any specific inquiries.