A list of session types (with the alphabetical order of session types) in the conference program is given below with basic descriptions:

E-Poster Discussions
These are discussion sessions based on posters selected around certain topics/subtopics. Differently from last year’s conference, this year, we will have brief (2 minutes max) overview
of each e-poster before the discussion part starts. We encourage you to visit the relevant e-posters before joining a discussion session. Please note that with the search function in the gallery, you will be able to filter the posters of a certain discussion session.

E-Poster Viewing Groups (PVGs)
The PVGs are planned to stand for the poster viewing sessions of the in-person meetings that would take place in the posters’ area. These poster viewing groups should not be confused with the e-poster discussion sessions. The 1-hour breaks (named “Networking and E-poster Viewing Slots”) along the daily program have been designed to accommodate 4-5 PVGs in each slot. The presenters of the e-posters in these groups are encouraged to be online and at their poster (admin
panel) during these viewing slots. Please note that with the search function in the e-poster gallery you will be able to filter the posters of a certain PVG.

All PVG slots are of 1 hour length. During the first 30 minutes, presenters of relevant e-posters and the interested audience will be on the e-poster platform/gallery. Then at the end of these 30 minutes, everybody will be invited to go into the virtual platform’s chat groups to continue the discussion there all together within each PVG. Chat groups for each PVG have already been created and can be found in the “Chat” section in Networking Lounge. You can simply go to the chat group named “Daily Lists of PVGs” and then click on the relevant PVG link to go to the right chat group.

Keynote Sessions 
Session for the presentations of keynote speakers & the winner of the ISEE Goldsmith Award. 

Panel Discussions
These are discussion sessions of 1-hour duration and aim to bring together experts on a topic, which they will discuss during the session and will have a longer and more interactive discussion with the audience.

Lightning Talks
These are 60-minute long oral sessions with shorter presentations (of 5 minutes) than traditional oral abstracts.

Networking Sessions
There are 3 networking events: a women’s session, a general session, and a junior investigators one.

At these 3 networking sessions the audience will be able to join the discussion via two-way communication instead of written Q&A. 

Pecha Kucha Session
These are rapid fire presentations, a recent tradition at the ISEE Annual Conferences.

SNRN Sessions
There are 3 panel discussion sessions organized by the Students and New Researchers Network (SNRN): “PhD to Postdoc”, “Non-academic Jobs”, and “Meet the Journal Editors” 

Society Sessions
General Business Meeting, New Members Meeting and two Meet the President sessions. These sessions are not organized only for the ISEE members but also welcome non-members’ attendance.

Especially the two “Meet the President” sessions (planned at different slots in order to reach audience from different time zones) are organized to gather the participants together with Mark Nieuwenhuijsen, the ISEE President, and
Andrea Baccarelli, the ISEE President-Elect, for questions to the ISEE leadership.

At these New Members Meeting and the 2 Meet the President sessions the audience will be able to join the discussion via two-way communication instead of written Q&A. 

We received 68 symposia applications this year and selected 28 for the conference. These will be 90-min long sessions.

Traditional Oral Sessions
These 90-minute long sessions have been created with the accepted abstracts.