Conference Dates
August 23-26, 2021

Local Academic Host
Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, New York, US

Conference Theme
Promoting Environmental Health and Equity in a Shifting Climate

Conference Type
Online conference on virtual platform

The official language of the conference is English and there are no translation facilities.

Time Zone
Time zone of the conference is EDT (Eastern Daylight Time / time zone of US East coast) which is 4 hours behind the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT-4).
Any time details shown on the conference program are given according to this time zone. Please make sure to check for the time according to your own time zone.

Virtual Platform
The virtual platform is created solely for the use of registered participants of the conference. It can be reached through the conference website (please visit Login to Virtual Platform page) or the below links, with the username and passwords provided to the registered participants.

Majority of the sessions are live sessions with few recorded presentations in order to increase the interactivity. All sessions can be viewed at the time they are being held, and the majority of the sessions (except the ones with two-way communication) can be viewed any time after the original time slot of the session. This year in order to increase engagement, we have additional features such as two-way communication possibility in a number of sessions, public and private chats, direct messaging between participants, etc… All components of the program and the platform can be seen on the Online Conference Experience section of this website. 

Link to virtual platform:

Platform will be open starting by August 20, 2021, until February 26, 2022. To access the platform, you’ll be required to use the credentials that will be sent you a few days before the conference.

E-Poster Platform/Gallery
The e-poster platform is created as an independent platform with minimum
engagement with the general virtual platform. The same username and passwords are valid for the e-poster platform as well. All e-posters are being displayed in the gallery at all times in the order of poster numbers which
are assigned in accordance with PVGs (Poster Viewing Groups) and topics. Due to virtual meeting facilities, poster presenters only have the possibility to present through their pre-recorded 2-minute videos which can be
uploaded on the e-poster platform together with their e-posters.
For all e-poster related activities at the Conference, please visit the E-Poster Activities page.

Link to e-poster platform/gallery:

Platform will be open starting by August 20, 2021, until February 26, 2022. To access the platform, you’ll be required to use the credentials that will be sent you a few days before the conference.

Daily Conference Newsletters
Daily conference newsletters will be sent to the conference participants about highlighted sessions and activities of the coming day. Please make sure to check your inbox (or spambox) every day during the conference for these newsletters.

Certificate of Attendance
A post-conference survey will be sent to all participants after the conference via e-mail. By filling in this survey and submitting, participants will be able to download their certificates of attendance as pdf documents.

Certificates for Presentation
The presenters of oral, symposia, pecha kucha, lightning talks and poster abstracts will be eligible to get a certificate of presentation after completing their presentation. These presentation certificates will be sent to the presenters upon request after the conference. You may contact to the conference secretariat (Ms. Lara Volkan at for getting your presentation certificates.

Abstract Publication
The accepted abstracts of the conference will be published online in two ways:

  • Abstract E-Books (Pdf): The two abstracts’ e-books (one for session abstracts and the other one for e-posters) are available on the conference website (Download E-Books page) and in the Virtual Conference Bag on the virtual platform as pdf documents.
  • Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) Journal: The accepted abstracts of the conference are being published in the Environmental Health Perspectives Journal.
    Click here for the ISEE 2021 Special Issue of EHP Journal

Mobile Application
A conference mobile application is prepared for you to navigate through the conference details with ease and enhance your participation. You may download it through IOS/App Store or Android/Google Play through the below QR codes.
Download from IOS/App Store
Scan the QR code or click here for the link
QR kod ios

Download from Android/Google Play
Scan the QR code or click here for the link
QR kod android

The event code for the mobile application is isee2021. To login the mobile app, please use the credentials that have been sent to you via e-mail before the conference.

Photo Credit for Official Conference Designs
Thanks to Aaron Owji for gifting us his photograph of NYC that is used in the concept design of ISEE 2021.

Conference Organizing Secretariat

kenes logo white

Office: M+

For registration & accommodation inquiries:
Ms. Pinar Eresici, Registration & Accommodation Manager | Phone: +41 22 9069159 Ext: 980 | E-mail: 
Ms. Lara Volkan, Registration & Accommodation Specialist| Phone: +41 22 9069159 Ext: 982 | E-mail: 

For scientific inquiries:
Ms. Dilara Yalinkilinc Soylu, Scientific Programme Coordinator | E-mail: 
Ms. Mojca Rodic, Scientific Programme Coordinator | E-mail:

For sponsorship/exhibition inquiries:
Mr. Muzaffer Komek, Industry Liaison & Sales Manager | E-mail:

For general inquiries:
Ms. Pinar Akbulut, Senior Project Manager | E-mail: